SATO Brewpub

SATO Brewpub
SATO Brewpub

I was excited to go to SATO Brewpub because I have never been to a Japanese restaurant that brews its own beer! I loved the location right away. Fun fact: it’s located in the Dun building which was Buffalo’s first skyscraper.

It’s kind of inconspicuous at first so make sure to look for the red logo on the front door. You walk down a flight of stairs where the restaurant is located in the basement. There were only two of us dining, but there are many large tables so it would be a good place to come with a large group as well.

As a brewery, they have about 6 of their own beers on draft. I tried the “Rabbit in the Moon” which is a table beer based on a traditional Japanese house green tea. It was refreshing and went well with my meal. Next time I want to try their Pear Ginger Saison which they happened to be out of on this day.

Now for the food. SATO Brewpub is an “Izakaya” – a casual Japanese gastropub meant to be a place of socializing over small-plates and beer and sake.

Since an Izakaya is known for small plates, I had to try a couple! I ordered the Ume Chicken Gyoza, Chicken Katsu served with Japanese BBQ sauce, and Steamed Bun with stout braised BBQ pork, cucumber, kimchi. Delicious! Three small plates were the perfect amount for one person.

My friend ordered the Green Curry Ramen. With chashu chicken, cilantro, bean sprouts, coconut milk, lime, fried onions, red bell pepper, and lemongrass oil, I definitely plan on ordering it next time I come to SATO Brewpub!


SATO Brewpub is located at 110 Pearl St.