sinatrasSinatra’s has been a family favorite of mine for years now. It’s a great place to go for celebrations because they have delicious food and high-end service. Having been in business since 1981, this past year the moved into a new building right across the street. The new location is much more modern and can serve twice as many people.

antipastoDuring this visit, we were celebrating a birthday and went a little overboard with food and wine! We started with a couple appetizers including the Antipasto, Artichoke Francese, and a Clams Casino special.

For my entree, I wanted something traditionally Italian. The Meatball Ravioli did just the trick! meatball ravioli The meatballs are huge and unbelievably flavorful, and the ravioli nice and cheesy. I would definitely order this again. The rest of the table ordered the Veal Parmesan, Shrimp and Lobster Scampi, and the Strip Steak.

Whether it’s your birthday, graduation, or date night, make sure to head over to Kenmore Ave for a fine dining experience!

Sinatra’s is located 945 Kenmore Ave.


Tappo Rooftop
Tappo Rooftop

Tappo is one of my favorite restaurants in Buffalo. They have traditional Italian dishes in a really trendy atmosphere. In the summer, you can dine on their rooftop patio that is spacious with plenty of seating, has a lounge area and a full bar.

Another awesome thing about Tappo is that they have $16 bottles of wine and champagne which is very inexpensive and typically unheard of in the city.

Stuffed Banana Pepper
Stuffed Banana Peppers

Along with a bottle of prosecco, we started with the garlic cheese bread and one of the appetizer specials, which was a stuffed banana pepper topped with a sunny side up egg.

Since I’m a sucker for goat cheese, I ordered the Goat Cheese Crespelle for my entrée which is basically a crepe filled with goat cheese served with banana peppers and both an alfredo and a red sauce. Best of both worlds!

Goat Chese Crespelle
Goat Cheese Crespelle

The other entrees ordered were the Shrimp Risotto with roasted cauliflower and lobster beurre blanc, the Meat and Cheese Lasagna (which is huge!), one of the Rigatoni specials, and the meatballs. Everyone was really happy with their choices!

Tappo is located at 338 Ellicott Street.