Misuta Chows

The infamous pink stairs. We’ve all seen the pictures flooding social media of friends posing on the sparkly steps. I needed to see what it was all about and if the restaurant-arcade lived up to the hype!

The first thing to note – the restaurant does not have a sign out front but you know you are at the right place because of the packed bar, LED lights, and fun neon signs inside! I definitely stood outside awkwardly for a minute before realizing I was in fact in the right place.

Even though we couldn’t pronounce the majority of the menu items, we wanted to be adventurous and try as many things as possible so we started out with a couple of appetizers. I’m a sucker for rice balls so the Age Onigiri was my favorite. These were deep fried and topped with sesame seeds, pickled plum & shiso mayo. Divine! You also can’t go wrong ordering the Pork Gyoza which are pan fried dumplings served with ponzu soy sauce.

For an entree, I ordered the Chicken Bao Buns which were to die for! The buns practically melted in my mouth and the chicken was fried to a perfect crisp. I would order them again in a heartbeat.

Lastly, the “Dunbari” Kushiyaki Bowl is sort of a choose your own adventure item where you pick your preferred skewered meat and veggies, either with steamed or fried rice. My friend picked the Japanese sweet and sour Meatballs and the Yakitori (Chicken Skewer) and was satisfied with that choice!

All in all, Misuta Chows has a fun, vibrant atmosphere that I would definitely recommend for both the food and experience. I didn’t get the chance to play the arcade games upstairs, but you better believe I got the pink stair pic! I look forward to heading back soon to check out the arcade and sample even more menu items.



Misuta Chows is located at 521 Main Street.


Rin Thai Bistro

Rin Thai Bistro
Rin Thai Bistro

Rin Thai Bistro is a cute little restaurant with delicious food in the heart of the Elmwood Village. I went for the first time today for lunch with some of my coworkers. The have a nice little patio for the summer months and a few tables and bar stools along the wall for inside seating.

We started off with some appetizers, including the Chicken Satay, Moo Ping with sticky rice, and Crab Rangoon.  My entree was the Pad Thai with chicken, which was very flavorful. You can pick your spice level for your food from 1-5. Since it was my first time at Rin Thai, I stayed on the safe side with a level 1. A couple of my coworkers were brave and ordered level 5 and said it was spicy but not too over-the-top, so I’ll know to go a little hotter next time.

The rest of the table ordered the Red Curry Chicken, Fiery Udon, and Sesame Chicken. One person is gluten-free and the restaurant was very accommodating. We all thoroughly enjoyed the food and agreed we will have to come back again soon!

Rin Thai Bistro is located at 988 Elmwood Ave.

SATO Brewpub

SATO Brewpub
SATO Brewpub

I was excited to go to SATO Brewpub because I have never been to a Japanese restaurant that brews its own beer! I loved the location right away. Fun fact: it’s located in the Dun building which was Buffalo’s first skyscraper.

It’s kind of inconspicuous at first so make sure to look for the red logo on the front door. You walk down a flight of stairs where the restaurant is located in the basement. There were only two of us dining, but there are many large tables so it would be a good place to come with a large group as well.

As a brewery, they have about 6 of their own beers on draft. I tried the “Rabbit in the Moon” which is a table beer based on a traditional Japanese house green tea. It was refreshing and went well with my meal. Next time I want to try their Pear Ginger Saison which they happened to be out of on this day.

Now for the food. SATO Brewpub is an “Izakaya” – a casual Japanese gastropub meant to be a place of socializing over small-plates and beer and sake.

Since an Izakaya is known for small plates, I had to try a couple! I ordered the Ume Chicken Gyoza, Chicken Katsu served with Japanese BBQ sauce, and Steamed Bun with stout braised BBQ pork, cucumber, kimchi. Delicious! Three small plates were the perfect amount for one person.

My friend ordered the Green Curry Ramen. With chashu chicken, cilantro, bean sprouts, coconut milk, lime, fried onions, red bell pepper, and lemongrass oil, I definitely plan on ordering it next time I come to SATO Brewpub!


SATO Brewpub is located at 110 Pearl St.